How do I know my sign and ascendant? Learn to do astral map in Astrolink

Anyone who wants to discover their astrological sign, background and other information can turn to Astrolink. The site allows you to make a free astral map, which works online, by the browser, and requires a quick registration. The user can enter the Facebook data and fill in some personal information, such as date of birth, that will be used to determine your horoscope and provide information about your sign.

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In the following tutorial, check out how to sign up for Astrolink and use the tool to make your astral map, as well as check your daily horoscope and see your ascendant.

Learn how to use Astrolink to see details about your sign

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Step 1. Go to the Astrolink website and press the "Register with Facebook" option in the upper right corner of the page. If you prefer, you can register with an e-mail address in "Register with E-mail";

Sign Up for Astrolink

Step 2. Now, let the application access your Facebook account data;

Authorize access to your Facebook data

Step 3. Then press the "Continue" button. In the next screens, Astrolink will ask for some personal information, such as gender, city of birth, date of birth, including time - this information can be found in your certificate;

Registering with Astrolink

Step 4. When you have finished filling out your personal information, Astrolink will offer a tour of the site. If you want, select the option "Skip tour";

Click on the button to skip the tour

Step 5. In the upper left corner of the page you will find your basic information such as sign, ascendant and moon;

Viewing details about your sign

Step 6. To see your complete astral map, press the "My Astral Map" option in the column to the left of the page;

Accessing your astral map

Step 7. You can check your horoscope of the day by going to the "Horoscope" section in the left sidebar.

Viewing your horoscope

Ready. Take advantage of the tips to see details about your sign in Astrolink.

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