How to Download and Install the Epson TM-T20 Printer Driver

The Epson TM-T20 is one of the leading thermal printer models of the brand in Brazil. Like others of the genre, it can be used to issue passwords, coupons or receipts that have no fiscal value. Despite having a relatively simple operation, the printer requires the right drivers to work - something that, in some cases, causes the user to download and install the software manually.

Fortunately, you can find all the necessary files for the TM-T20 on Epson's own website. The drivers, although compatible with all versions of Windows from XP, do not support other systems. Still, if you'd like to know how to download to your computer, check out the next step.

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Here's how to download the drivers needed for the Epson TM-T20

Step 1. Access the Epson TM-T20 download page;

First, access the Epson TM-T20 download page

Step 2. Navigate to the bottom of the screen and before pressing the "Download" button, make sure that you have checked the "Accept" option, indicating that you have read and accepted the manufacturer's terms and conditions;

Before downloading the file, you must accept the manufacturer's terms and conditions

Step 3. After accepting the terms, the download button will be available. Click on it to start transferring the files;

Step 4. After downloading, you will need to find the downloaded file and unzip it. If you do not know how to perform this procedure, this other TechTudo tutorial should help you;

Extract the downloaded file so you can access the content

Step 5. In the folder with the files unzipped, run the application "APD_509_T20". This will start the driver installation;

Step 6. On the screen that opens next, click Next to confirm the installation;

Step 7. You will then need to confirm again that you have read and accepted the manufacturer's terms. To do this, check the "Agree" option and click "Install";

Step 8. The drivers and utilities will be installed. At the end of the installation, you will need to register the printer. To do this, click on "Next";

Step 9. On the configuration screen that appears, make sure that in "Communication Settings" the option marked "Port Type" is the same as the one you use to connect your printer to the computer. If you use a USB connection, for example, check this option as "USB";

Type ", select the type of connection used between your PC and your Epson TM-T20

Step 10. To set the TM-T20 as your default printer, check the "Set as default printer" option. To complete the configuration, click "Save Settings";

Settings to complete the settings you made

Step 11. The software asks if you want to perform a test print. You can click "Yes" or "No" to your preference;

Step 12. To finally finish installing the driver, click "Next". In the window that opens then click "Close".

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