How to download and install skins for World Truck Driving Simulator

World Truck Driving Simulator, truck simulation game for Android (download via Google Play Store), allows the player to travel through several roads in charge of trucks. The experience of the game can be enhanced by the customization of the cars through skins (alternative visuals). In this tutorial, we'll show you how you can download and install the looks on World Truck Driving Simulator trucks.

There are apps available in the Google store that provide skins to the game's cars. There are also sites, such as the Skins World Truck Driving Simulator, able to provide community-created visuals for free.

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You can choose several new looks for your truck in World Truck Driving Simulator

After downloading the skin you want to apply and leaving it in the memory of your Android, follow the following steps to use it in the game:

Step 1. Enter the Garage option, go to the downloaded skin truck model and hit the white icon in the upper right corner of the screen;

Access the World Truck Driving Simulator garage to apply skins to trucks

Step 2. In the Skins list, select "Skin booth" and then click on "Browse image" in the window that will open;

Select the Skin Cabin option to apply the new look

Step 3. Browse the skin files you downloaded (JPG or PNG images) and choose the correct file for the booth;

Choose the files that will be loaded in the game

Step 4. With the correct image selected, press the "Load" button and see if the skin has been correctly applied to the truck.

See if the skin has been applied correctly on your truck

You can repeat this process with other parts of the truck, such as your glasses or details that will be applied and that came together in the skin package.

With everything ready, just start playing with the truck already with the custom look.

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