How to download and register at SINE Easy, job vacancies app

SINE Fácil is an app to access functions of Portal Emprega Brasil, from the Ministry of Labor (MTE). Developed by Dataprev, the application allows you to find job openings, set up a schedule of interviews with the employer, consult unemployment insurance, check payroll and see the list of all your employment contracts. All features are available for Android and iPhone (iOS) phones.

The login can be done by means of QR Code for access via smartphone or with the data of platform Cidadã The first method depends on the previous registration in Emprega Brasil. Therefore, this tutorial prepared by TechTudo will teach you to download and register at SINE Fácil from the Cidadã portal, in order to explain all the steps for those who have never accessed the MTE online services.

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See how to download and register at SINE Easy, job vacancies app from the Ministry of Labor

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Step 1. Go to the SINE Easy page at, select the operating system of your phone and click "Download". Then complete the app install process on Android or the App Store;

Procedure for downloading SINE Easy application on

Step 2. Open SINE Easy and slide your finger to the left to skip the opening screens. At the last, press the "Enter with" button;

SINE Easy application launch screens

Step 3. Scroll down to the bottom of the login screen and press the "Register" button;

Login screen on platform Cidadã

Step 4. On the new screen, touch the "Register" button again and fill in your personal information as requested;

Beginning of the registration on the Cidadã platform, which gives access to government online services such as SINE Fácil

Step 5. At the bottom of the form, check the "I am not a robot" box and press "Next". From there, you will have to answer five questions about your work and social security life. As some questions involve dates, it is advisable to have the Work Card at hand. To respond, simply touch the correct alternative and then press the "Next" button;

Questionnaire with questions about working life and social security for user authentication

Step 6. On the last question, click on the corresponding answer and press "Finish". The system will issue a temporary numeric password. Copy this code;

Temporary password issuance for easy SINE login

Step 7. Go back to the login screen. Enter your CPF and paste the temporary password copied in the previous step. Check the "I am not a robot" box and press the "Enter" button. As it is your first time access, the system will ask you to create a definitive password, which must be at least nine characters, case sensitive and a number. Press "Change Password";

Change of temporary password of the to login in SINE Easy

Step 8. Press the "I authorize" button so that SINE Easy has access to the data of the cadastre in the In the message box that will open, touch "Go to register";

Permission to access Cidadã data by SINE Fácil

Step 9. Enter "Main Data" and see that some are filled and others are not. Scroll down the screen and fill in the missing information;

Filling in master data in SINE Easy app

Step 10. When you finish the main information, tap the "Contact Information" menu to expand. Fill in data such as address and phone number. Finally, go to "Update";

Update of personal data in the SINE Easy application

Step 11. Tap "Confirm" in the dialog box to complete the update of cadastral data. Ready, navigate the platform and use SINE Fácil's online services.

Easy SINE features accessible after registration update

Take advantage of the hint and find dynamic jobs with the SINE Easy app.

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