How to download and use HWMonitor to monitor computer hardware

CPUID HWMonitor is a free application for Windows PCs that allows you to check the performance of your computer. The program displays information such as CPU voltage and temperature, use of RAM and video card processor, and data on the battery in the case of notebooks.

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In the following tutorial, check out how to download and use the program to monitor your computer. The procedure was performed on a Windows 10 PC, but the utility is also compatible with earlier versions of Microsoft's system.

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Learn how to use the HIDMonitor CPUID to monitor your PC hardware

How to install

Step 1. Download the CPUID HWMonitor. The installer will be saved in the downloads folder of your PC. Open the file and click "Next";

CPUID installation process HWMonitor

Step 2. You can then change the installation folder by clicking "Browse". To continue, click "Next";

CPUID installation process HWMonitor

Step 3. Now, choose whether or not you would like to add a shortcut to your computer's desktop and click "Next" again;

CPUID installation process HWMonitor

Step 4. Finally, select "Install" and wait until the program is installed on your computer.

CPUID installation process HWMonitor

How to use the CPUID HWMonitor

Step 1. Open HWMonitor and wait until the information is loaded. In the section with the model of your processor, the application displays data such as voltage, temperature and percentage of CPU utilization. The first column displays the current value, while the others show a history of minimum and maximum values;

Viewing Processor Information

Step 2. The section with the name of your video adapter displays the percentage of memory and GPU usage of the video card. The first column shows the value in real time, while the ones on the right have a history of minimum and maximum values;

Viewing information about your video card

Step 3. The last section brings data about your computer's battery if you are using the software on a notebook. From there, you can discover the voltage, projected capacity, maximum current, and the load level.

Viewing battery information

Enjoy the tips to use the HID Monitor CPU to monitor your computer hardware.

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