How to download Enem's previous proofs and templates

The Enem tests of previous years are available on the website of the National Institute of Studies and Educational Research Anísio Teixeira (Inep). The material is useful for those preparing for the 2018 Enem and wants to study the issues that have fallen in previous editions of the exam. Evidence and templates are available from 1998 to 2017.

In the following tutorial, see where to find and how to download the proofs and templates from past editions of Enem. The files are in PDF format and you should have no trouble opening them on any computer.

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Learn to download the proofs and templates from all editions of Enem

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Step 1. Access the Enem's proofs and templates website through the INEP website ( By default, the tests for the last year (2017) will be displayed. If you want to download the files from a previous year, click on the current year and select the desired option from the list;

Select the desired year

Step 2. Finally, just click on the download button to the right of each item. The proofs and jigs are separated by the color of the notebook and day of application. The files are in PDF format.

Downloading evidence and templates

Ready! Take advantage of the tips to study the issues of previous Enem years.

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