How to download free music from the YouTube Audio Library

YouTube has an audio library with songs available for download and use as a soundtrack to videos. There are tracks of various styles such as Pop, Soul, Rock and many others. All songs are copyrighted. Accessible from the web version, the tool is free and ideal for people interested in improving the editing of your videos, either with the insertion of impactful soundtracks or specific effects to increase the emotion of the scenes. The tracks offered should be inserted into the videos through an audio editor installed on the PC.

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The audio collection offers songs from artists all over the world and sound effects capable of simulating environments and sounds of objects. After downloading the files to your computer, simply use a video editing program to add them to videos produced on your phone - such as Android or iPhone (iOS), for example - or on digital cameras. Check out the tutorial below, how to access, use filters, download on your computer, and understand how copyright works in the YouTube audio library.

Tutorial shows you how to use the YouTube Audio Library

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Step 1. Go to YouTube, click on your avatar in the upper right corner of the screen and click on "Creation Studio";

Go to YouTube creative studio

Step 2. In the menu on the left side of the screen, click the "Create" option;

Sign in to YouTube authoring tools

Step 3. The list of songs in the library is displayed on the screen. To listen, just click on the play icon to the left of the track name;

Play a song in your YouTube audio library

Step 4. Use the filters "Genre", "Humor", "Instrument", "Duration" and "Attribution" to refine the song suggestions;

Filter the songs of greatest interest in the YouTube Music Library

Step 5. Touch one of the filters and select one of the terms offered to switch the suggestion of songs;

Apply a Genre filter to find songs in the YouTube Audio Library

Step 6. You can also find specific songs from the search bar. To download the files, use the down arrow buttons. To proceed, go to the "Sound Effects" tab;

Search bar and music download icon are available in the YouTube Audio Library

Step 7. Click on the "Category" option to see the available sound filters in the library;

View sound effects categories in the YouTube audio library

Step 8. Click on one of the categories to filter the results;

Apply a filter to the YouTube sound effects library

Step 9. Listen to effects by touching the play icon in front of the effect description;

Listen to sound effects in your YouTube audio library

Step 10. To lower the effect to the PC, tap the down arrow button on the right side of the screen;

Download an audio effect from the YouTube library

Step 11. To check the copyright policies for songs from the YouTube library, return to the "Create" start screen and click the alert displayed at the top of the screen. It shows the message: "Check their copyright policies";

Check out the copyright policies for songs from the YouTube library

Step 12. Touch the name of one of the tracks. If you prefer, use the search bar to find a specific song and click on its title;

Check copyright policies for a song in the YouTube library

Step 13. Check the permissions of use of the song and if your video will offer revered propandas to the author.

Check the copyright information for a song in the YouTube library

Ready. Use the hint to find music and sound effects to enhance your videos.

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