How to download songs on YouTube Music for Android and iPhone

YouTube Music, Google's streaming service, lets you download music to listen to on your Android or iPhone (iOS) phone for free. The app, which competes with Deezer and Spotify, makes available the entire YouTube music catalog and lets you download the songs straight to the device, so the user can listen to their favorite tracks offline. You can store as many content as you want, as long as there is space in the device memory. The service allows you to save the audio individually or full playlists and albums in one go.

Check out, in the following tutorial, how to download songs from YouTube Music to listen to them when you're out of the Internet. It is worth mentioning that the function is only available in the Music Premium plan, which currently costs R $ 21.90 per month. The step by step is the same on Android or iPhone smartphones.

Using YouTube Music on your PC and Android or iPhone phone

YouTube Music, the new YouTube music app, lets you download music for offline listening

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How to download music

Step 1. Open the song you want to download and touch the three dots below the cover image. Then select "Download." The song will start downloading immediately;

Downloading a song from Youtube Music to your mobile phone

Step 2. To download a complete album or playlist, open the desired item and tap the download icon below the title. All songs listed begin downloading immediately;

Youtube Music allows you to download playlists or albums at once

Step 3. To access the songs saved on your smartphone, go to the "Home" tab, and then tap on your photo in the upper right corner to open the profile. Choose "Downloads" and see all downloaded songs;

Access your YouTube Music profile to view downloaded songs

Step 4. YouTube Music shows a folder that contains all the songs you've saved and the other albums and playlists you've downloaded. Tap a folder to view the playlist and click on the track you want to play it, even if you're out of Internet on your phone;

Access the list of songs downloaded on Youtube Music to listen to them offline

How to delete a song

To delete a song from the download list and free up space for other songs, tap the three dots of the desired item, then select "Remove download."

Removing a song from the downloads to free up space on the device

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