How to draw a friend's attention in the vicinity on Facebook for Android

The "Friends in the Spotlight" Facebook feature is present on Android and iPhone (iOS). It lets you know which of your friends are close by, depending on your location. With the function on, you can call someone's attention to set up a meeting in person.

The tool allows you to wave to a contact, and does not require the user to write a message. That way, the feature can help in times when you're out of subject, but you want to be noticed. The following tutorial shows you the step-by-step how to use the function in the Google system.

Get your friends' attention nearby by Facebook for Andoid

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Step 1. When opening Facebook on Android, touch the sandwich menu, represented by three dashes in the right corner of the screen. Find the "Friends in the Surroundings" option.

in the Surroundings "in the main Facebook menu for Android

Step 2. If you have never used the feature, a preliminary screen will appear where you will need to press the "Activate" button. Friends in the immediate vicinity will appear at the top. Touch the hand icon to get someone's attention.

Button to call attention to friend Facebook in the vicinity

Step 3. The hand icon will turn yellow, indicating that you have already waved to this contact. Going down the screen, you will see where your other friends who have activated "Friends in Surroundings" and are not close to you - for them, the button to send a private message will be enabled.

in the "Surrounds that are far away

Step 4. Touching the gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen will give you access to the "Friends in the Room" settings. If you want to disable the function, move the key to the off position. You can also choose the circle of friends you want to see. Tap the arrow next to "Friends" and select the group.

in the Surroundings "

Step 5. Tap the highlighted arrow at the top of the settings to return to the previous screen. If you want to disable the feature temporarily, disable the key next to its name.

in the Surroundings "of Facebook

Step 6. Choose the pause time between 1 hour, until 8 a.m. the next day or 24 hours. You can re-enable "Friends in Surroundings" at any time by pressing the "Resume Now" button.

in the Surroundings "on Facebook for Android

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