How to draw picture background in Corel Draw

Corel Draw has tools that allow you to eliminate the background of the image. So you can insert the picture into another background or just leave the main object with transparent background. Step by step is very simple and can help customize your images or make more advanced editions. Check out how to do it in the following tutorial using the Corel Photo Paint tool, which is part of the Corel Draw package.

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Step 1. Open Corel Photo Paint and select the "Open Document" option;

Corel Photo Paint is the concurrent Photoshop editor

Step 2. Choose the image you want to edit and check "Open";

Open the image you want to edit in the program

Step 3. In the side menu on the left, press the dotted square (tool "rectangle mask") and select the magic wand mask;

The function that automatically selects is the magic wand

Step 4. Click on the part of the image you want to select and, with the shift pressed, add the other areas that did not enter the automatic selection;

Automatic selection is not perfect, but other functions help adjust

Step 5. Since the selection is done automatically, you will need to correct it. To do this, select the brush mask tool;

Other masks will help you select only the desired parts of the image

Step 6. Select the "+" in the upper left corner if you want to increase the selection area. The "-" button should be used if you wish to reduce;

You can also customize the mask to use

Step 7. When you have just the desired image selected, right-click and select the "copy" option;

After the correct selection, copy it

Step 8. Go to the "File" menu and select "New";

To paste and save the image by itself, open a new file

Step 9. Choose the size you want for the new file, but note that it will already have the size required to insert the copied image by default. If you want the background to be transparent, select the "Bottomless" option. If you want to insert a colored background, just choose the color in the option below;

You can open a document with a transparent background

Step 10. Now paste the image;

Just paste the selected image to save it or customize it

Step 11. Save the image in the file menu and choose the name and format, remembering that the transparent background is only preserved in PNG.

Save the file the way you want it

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