How to draw print on Galaxy J8

The Galaxy J8, as well as other Samsung mobile phones with Android, allows you to make screenshots in a simple and practical way. To do this, simply press a combination of buttons and the image will be saved in the photo gallery of the device. The feature is useful for registering something that is displayed on the display and sharing on social networks or sending by message, for example. Check out the next step by step and see how easy it is to take prints on the Samsung smartphone.

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Galaxy J8: Meet the new Samsung cell phone

Step 1. Simultaneously press the "decrease volume" and "on / off" buttons. The first is on the left side of the device and the second on the right side.

Keep the buttons pressed until the screen blinks

Step 2. The image that appears on the screen will be captured and saved in the photo library of the phone. To locate the prints, open the "Gallery" app and go to the "Albums" tab. You'll see the "Screenshots" gallery with all your stored prints.

Accessing screenshots

Step 3. Touch a print to open it. You can send the image by message or post to social networks by tapping "Share" in the bar at the bottom of the screen.

Exporting print

Sharing prints quickly

Step 1. After taking a screenshot, access the notification center. To do this, simply slide your finger from the top edge of the screen toward the center. You can touch the notification to open the image.

Visit the Android notification center

Step 2. Sliding the notification down, some quick actions will be displayed. Tap Share to open the sharing menu. Finally, just choose a social network or messenger.

Sharing direct print from notification

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