How to draw print with Word

Word has a native print tool on your computer. The feature allows you to capture the PC screen of one of the active windows automatically or choose, with the mouse, the exact area of ​​the page to create an image. The file is created on time and embedded in the document, saving time for users who often report with many prints. The function, which is unknown to many users, is available in all versions of Word, either via a single Microsoft license or through an Office 365 subscription. Here's how to make screenshots inside a document on your notebook.

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Step 1. Access the "Insert" tab in the Word toolbar;

Access the Insert menu in Word

Step 2. Select the "Snapshot" option;

Step 3. Word will display a secondary window to print from one of the open program screens. If you want the print area manually, press the "Trim" option;

Select an open window or manual cropping

Step 4. Word will be minimized and all images on the computer screen will gain an opaque look. Drag the mouse to highlight the desired area of ​​the window and release to capture;

Mark the capture area

Step 5. When you release the mouse button, the created print will stop directly in the body of the document. The tip makes it easy to insert captures from it into Word files, without having to save the file to the PC before putting it into the text body of the program.

Insert the print directly into a Word document

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