How to edit images in Pixlr Express by PC: list brings five tips

Pixlr Express is a free online photo editor that contains over 600 effects, such as overlapping, whitening, red-eye removal, custom layouts, and more. All the tools of the editor can be accessed directly by the browser, so that the user does not have to worry about installing programs that occupy the memory of the computer.

Pixlr was initially only released on the web version, but apps for Android and iPhone (iOS) phones are already available. Get to know five useful Pixlr Express tools for editing photos.

How to use Pixlr to edit photos on your phone?

How to edit photos on your computer without downloading anything

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How to open an image in Pixlr Express

Step 1. When you open Pixlr Express directly on the browser of your choice, four ways to select the image to be edited are displayed. "Browser" shows files saved on the user's PC and "Open URL" searches the image from a URL. Webcam already allows you to take a photo by the computer camera itself to edit online. Meanwhile, "Collage" gives the option of forming a photo mural with four images;

Pixlr Express homepage

Step 2. In this case, we chose the "Browser" option to edit a photo already saved on the PC. After selecting the file, press "Open" to access the editing tools of Pixlr Express.

Select the image you want to edit in Pixlr Express

How to crop image in Pixlr Express

Cropping is one of the most basic functions of any image editor. Pixlr Express makes it easy to perform in just seconds with its intuitive interface. To crop the photo. select the "Adjustments" box in the bottom bar of the screen. Among the options that appear, select "Crop" to choose the crop size of the image.

How to focus on image by Pixlr Express

Pixlr Express offers the blur effect to highlight a specific element of the photo, much like the iPhone portrait mode or the Instagram focus filter.

Step 1. To use the effect, go to the "Adjusments" box and select the "Focal" option;

Pixlr Express also has focus effect similar to iPhone's portrait mode

Step 2. A new screen will open, with three different tabs. Each one is for a specific type of focus. Choose what you think best suited to your goal. The "Blurring" option indicates how much "blur" you want to give to the image, "Color boost" lets you color a specific element of the image to make it more alive and "Glow boost" gives brighter image . In the lower bar of each option, you can measure the intensity of the effects.

Pixlr express offers different effects of focus on image

How to insert text into image in Pixlr Express

Step 1. Click the "Type" box to access the writing tools in Pixlr Express;

Pixlr Express text tool counts with several fonts

Step 2. In the box that appears over the image, type the one you want to write. You can choose the font, size, and color from the options in the bottom bar.

Enter text on image by Pixlr Express

How to add effects to the image in Pixlr Express

Step 1. Pixlr Express offers some filters similar to Instagram and Photoshop in the "Effect" option. In the bar that appears, select the type of effect you want to add to the photo;

Pixlr Express separates effects in different categories

Step 2. Pixlr Express then displays different filters in that category. Select whatever you want and in the blue bar below, set the amount of light in the image. Save the edit by clicking "Apply".

Pixlr Express lets you set the effect by intensity and brightness

How to format the image size in Pixlr Express

Pixlr Express has the option to reset the size and resolution of an image to suit the purpose you want.

Step 1. From the editor's home screen, select the "Resize" box to access the image size reset options;

Pixlr Express has tool to resize image

Step 2. To set the size, proportions and amount of pixels you want to insert into your image, simply enter the corresponding numbers.

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