How to edit photos in Crello to post on social networks

Crello is a design tool for creating and editing images and visuals very similar to the Canva. With it, it is possible to make arts for social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, as well as pamphlets and posters for printing from a large catalog of ready-made models, separated by category. In an easy and intuitive way, the user chooses the theme they want, edits texts and colors of the graphic elements and saves the file. Check out the following tutorial on how to use Crello's main functions.

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Crello has catalog of models to create arts for social networks

Step 1. Go to Crello and click the "Sign In" button to sign in. To create a new registration, click on the "Register" button. You can sign in using your Facebook or Google data.

Sign in to Crello with email, Facebook or Google

Step 2. The home page will show the templates of posts you can create with Crello. To see all the available formats, click on "View all 36 formats". For this tutorial, we chose a post for Instagram.

Choose a model from the Crello catalog

Step 3. A catalog located on the left will show the templates available for this format. Select the image you want to start editing.

Create gear for Instagram in Crello

Step 4. Click on the texts to edit them, changing the words, size, spacing, colors and font.

Edit the texts to personalize the art created in Crello

Step 5. Clicking the "lock" button causes the item to no longer be able to receive edits, avoiding changes by mistake. You can lock and unlock an item as many times as you like.

Lock function prevents unwanted changes in the elements of the art

Step 6. Graphic items can also be edited. Click on one of them to change its size and color.

Crello allows you to edit and customize all graphic elements of art

Step 7. Click on the background image to resize it as you like and add color effects.

Add effects to the background image of an art in Crello

Step 8. With the image finished, click "Share" to send the file to a social network. To save the post to the computer, click the "Download" button.

Download the image made in Crello or share in the social networks

Step 9. When saving, you can choose the format you want. Click on the option you want to start the download automatically.

Crello allows you to download the image in several formats

Step 10. To see all the gear you've done or to resume a design you left incomplete, go to the "My Projects" section in the main menu.

See all of her creations in Crello

Step 11. Click on the desired artwork to continue editing.

Crello shows all the arts you've ever done

Ready. Take the hint to make creative posts to publish on your social networks.

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