How to edit photos with PicsArt on PC

PicsArt is a very complete image editor for mobile phones and also has a desktop version for Windows 10 computers. With the program, you can add effects, frames, filters, collages, among other functions. The application has some advanced tools and settings and can even replace Photoshop with certain tasks.

Check out, in the following tutorial, how to use PicsArt to edit photos on your computer. It is worth remembering that the software is available for download from the Microsoft Store and is only for users of Windows 10 PCs.

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Learn how to use PicsArt to edit photos on your PC with Windows 10

Step 1. Install PicsArt on your computer. When you open it for the first time, you need to sign in or create a quick account from Google+, Facebook, or Microsoft;

Sign in to your account or sign up for Google+, Facebook or Microsoft account

Step 2. After registering on the platform, choose the "editor" option on the homepage to edit a photo;

Open the PicsArt editor

Step 3. Locate the photo you want to edit. To open a saved photo on your PC, select "Recent" and then the "From gallery" option;

Open the image to edit directly from your PC

Step 4. The editing tools are located on the left side of the window. From there, you can add effects, frames, filters, insert stickers, masks, freehand drawings, captions, text balloons and more in the open image;

PicsArt Image Editing Tools

Step 5. The column on the right brings options for adjusting color, contrast, saturation, sharpness, brightness, temperature and others;

PicsArt image adjustments

Step 6. When you finish the edits, choose the "Share" option in the upper right corner of the window to save the changes made;

Saving edited image in PiscArt

Step 7. Check the "Save Private" option in the list of alternatives below the image, and confirm the action in the lower pink bar of the window, which reads "Publication";

Saving edited image in PicsArt

Step 8. Finally, you can save the image on your PC with the gallery option, set it as desktop background by clicking the purple monitor button, or configure it as a Windows lock screen by selecting the blue- clear padlock. You can also save in the cloud, directly on Dropbox or OneDrive, or share on social networks like Facebook.

Photo can be saved on PC, cloud or shared

Ready! Enjoy the tips to edit your photos for free with PicsArt in Windows 10.

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