How to embed calendars and fields in Excel

Microsoft Excel 2016 offers a variety of tools as program add-ins. Dynamic calendars, differentiated chart layouts, currency exchange control, dictionary and other features are natively available and can make spreadsheets more effective for any type of work.

The add-ins came as a way to replace the macro embeddings, disabled in the Microsoft Office spreadsheet software. Check out, in the following tutorial, how to install and activate calendars and fields in Excel with the Add-on Store.

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Step 1. To access the Microsoft Excel add-on package, go to the "Insert" tab and click the "Store" button;

In the "Insert" tab, click on "Store" to access the available tools

Step 2. In the Add-in Store window, there are dozens of tools to install and activate in your Excel. Since there are 5 different calendars, search for "Mini Calendar" in the search text box and click on the magnifying glass icon;

Type "Mini Calendar" into the search box and hit the magnifying glass icon

Step 3. The "Mini Calendar and Date Picker" is Microsoft's official supplement to integrate calendars and clocks into spreadsheets. Click the "Install" button to make a quick download of the feature;

Press "Install" to download the "Mini Calendar and Date Picker"

Step 4. After the add-in is installed, it is displayed in the worksheet. To activate the calendar function of the tool, select a table cell and click on the calendar date to represent it immediately;

Click on a cell and select the date in the "Mini Calendar and Date Picker"

Step 5. It is also possible to reproduce the time with the "Mini Calendar and Date Picker". Select a field from the worksheet and click the clock-shaped button to record the time;

Click a cell and select the highlighted icon to enter the time

Step 6. To insert other features already installed in Excel, access the installed add-ins. Tap the "Insert" tab and then the "My Add-ons" button to view the built-in tools;

In the "Insert" tab, click on "My Extras" to see and activate the features installed in Excel

Step 7. Some add-ons, once installed, gain even shortcuts in the toolbar. The "Dictionaries of the Portuguese Language", for example, has a button on the "Start" tab and works as an Excel-integrated search bar;

Some add-ons, such as the "Portuguese Language Dictionaries", gain shortcuts in the toolbar

Ready. Take advantage of the tips and optimize your spreadsheets with the Excel add-ins package.

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