How to enable Android USB debugging

Android's USB Debug mode is a type of system-level data communication, used primarily by developers to install and test new apps on their mobile device. However, the feature is also essential to root or to update and install a new ROM on your smartphone.

Check out, in the following tutorial, how to enable and disable USB debugging on Android devices. The procedure was performed on a Moto E4, from Motorola, but the tips are also valid for cell phones from other manufacturers.

Learn how to enable USB debugging on Android

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How to enable USB debug mode

Step 1. Activate the Android Developer Menu. Once this is done, access the system settings and tap "Scheduler".

Visit developer settings

Step 2. Scroll down to the "Debugging" section and enable the "USB Debugging" option. Then touch "OK" to confirm.

Enabling USB debugging

How to disable USB Debug mode

Step 1. To disable, simply go back to the scheduler settings and uncheck the "USB debugging" item.

Disabling USB debugging

Ready! Remember to keep USB debugging enabled only when using the function.

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