How to enable battery saving for Galaxy J7 Pro

Samsung's Galaxy J7 Pro has a power-saving mode. When enabled, the system limits processor speed, disables background applications, and reduces screen brightness. In this way, it is possible to guarantee some additional charging hours. The function is ideal for those who can not recharge the device and need to optimize the cellular autonomy to the maximum.

In the following tutorial, learn how to set up and use the power saving mode to extend the battery life of your Galaxy J7 Pro. The procedures were performed on Android version 7.0 Nougat.

Learn how to save battery power on your Galaxy J7 Pro

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Step 1. Access the system notification center. To do this, slide your finger from the top edge of the screen toward the center. Then drag the shortcut bar down to see all the options.

Visit the Android notification center

Step 2. Touch "Power Save" and then "Apply." This reduces the brightness, slows CPU processing, limits background data, and disables the Always On Display feature, which keeps the device's display always on.

Enabling battery saving mode

Step 3. If you want, you can tap "Customize" to change the battery saving mode settings. In the settings, you can enable or disable the items mentioned in the previous step. After making the desired changes, touch "Apply".

Setting the battery saver mode

Step 4. The battery saving mode is automatically turned off after the phone is recharged. You can manually turn it off by going back to the Android notification center shortcuts and tapping "Power Save".

Turning off battery power

Ready! Enjoy the tips to optimize the battery life of your Galaxy J7 Pro and ensure the best possible range.

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