How to enable Chrome ad blocker on mobile

Chrome for Android, as well as the browser version for PCs, has won a native ad blocker. The tool, unlike extensions such as Adblock, removes only ads that are considered invasive - like ads that take up the entire screen or overlap the content of the page. That way, sites that follow Google's guidelines are not affected.

In the following walkthrough, here's how to set up Chrome's native ad blocker on your phone. The feature is unique to the Google system and is not available to iPhone users (iOS).

Learn how to set up Chrome's native ad blocker on your phone

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Step 1. Access the Chrome settings. To do this, touch the menu button, represented by three dots in the upper right corner of the screen, and go to "Settings".

Open Chrome Settings

Step 2. On the settings screen, slide to the "Advanced" section and touch "Site Settings". Then touch "Ads".

Access ad settings

Step 3. Disable the key next to "Ads". You'll see the text "Block ads from websites that usually show intrusive ads, " indicating that the blocker has been enabled.

Activating the Chrome Ad Blocker

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