How to enable data saving on Moto E4

Motorola's Moto E4 has a native feature that saves data from the 4G plan. When enabled, it restricts Internet usage in apps running in the background. Only the application that is open on the screen has access to the network, so you can reduce the use of mobile data. The tool is ideal for anyone who has a plan with low Internet franchise and wants to prevent the disconnection of connections or extra charges at the end of the month.

However, to prevent some apps from working properly, it is important to set some exceptions, as with WhatsApp. Without this configuration, the user does not receive notifications of new messages when the messenger is not open in the foreground. See, in the following tutorial, how to enable and configure data saving on the fourth-generation Moto E.

Learn how to enable and configure data saving on Moto E4

How to enable or disable the Moto E4 3G / 4G Internet

Step 1. Access the Android settings, and then tap "Data usage."

Open Android settings on Moto E4

Step 2. Touch "Save Data" and then set the option to "Enabled". Note that the icon for a circle with a plus inside appears next to the clock, indicating that the feature is enabled.

Enabling data saving on the Moto E4

Step 3. To add exceptions, tap "Unrestricted access to data". Now find the chat apps like WhatsApp, Messenger and Telegram and check the option to the right of the name.

Adding exceptions in Moto E4

Step 4. You do not need to access Android settings whenever you want to enable or disable saving of data. To do this, use the shortcut in the notification center. Simply slide your finger from the top edge of the screen towards the center and touch "Save Data".

Use the shortcut to enable or disable the feature in Moto E4

Take advantage of the tips to save data from your mobile Internet franchise and browse more without paying.

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