How to Enable the Do Not Disturb Mode of the Galaxy J7 Pro

Galaxy J7 Pro (Samsung) has a setting that allows you to temporarily block notifications on your phone. The feature is useful for anyone who does not want to be bothered or wants to avoid distractions. That way, you can stay focused on work without having to turn to airplane mode, which totally disconnects your smartphone from the internet and from the telephone network.

Check out how to set up and use Do Not Disturb mode on the Galaxy J7 Pro. The function can be activated manually or set to automatically take action on established days and times.

Learn to enable do not disturb mode on your Galaxy J7 Pro

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Manual mode

Step 1. Drag your finger from the top edge of the screen toward the center to open the Android control center. Then drag the shortcut bar down to see all the options.

Visit the Android notification center

Step 2. Slide the screen to the left to open the second page of shortcuts and tap "Do Not Disturb" to enable or disable the feature.

Tap the indicated button to enable or disable the do not disturb

Automatic mode

Step 1. Access the system settings and tap "Sounds and vibration".

Open sound and vibrate settings

Step 2. Go to "Do not disturb" and activate the "Activate as programmed" option. Just below, you can select the days of the week and start time and do not disturb mode shutdown.

Configuring automatic do not disturb programming

Step 3. By default, when do not disturb mode is enabled, only alarms are allowed. You can mute them or configure other exceptions by checking the "Custom" option under "Allow exceptions".

Setting Exceptions to Do Not Disturb Mode

Ready! Take advantage of tips on how to use and configure do not disturb mode to avoid unwanted notifications during your work or at night.

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