How to enable or disable Power Saver mode on LG Smart TV

LG's smart TVs have a power-saving mode, which the user can turn on or take off easily. Available natively in the webOS system, the feature works with sensors that identify ambient light to reduce the brightness of the LCD screen. In this way, the amount of energy consumed by the device is reduced, reducing the level of brightness reproduced by the TV.

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However, the function may make the TV screen too dark during the day or in places with strong ambient light, and take picture quality on Full HD and 4K screens, for example. Check out the following tutorial on how to enable or disable the power saving mode of LG TVs.

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Tutorial shows how to enable or disable the economy mode of a smart TV from LG

Step 1. Press the gear icon button on the remote control of your TV;

Action on the remote control to access the menu of a smart TV from LG

Step 2. Use the cursor on the remote control to navigate to the "All Settings" option and press "OK";

Action in the menu to access all the settings of a LG smart TV with WeOS

Step 3. In "Picture", select the "Energy Saving" option and press the "OK" button on the remote control;

Action to access the power saving mode settings of a LG Smart TV with WebOS

Step 4. Now use the cursor buttons on the remote control to check the power saving mode options. You can make the mode automatic with minimal, medium or maximum effect. To activate the function, simply choose one of the intensity options. There is even an option to turn the screen off, keeping only the audio playback of the unit. To disable the feature, select "Off" and press the "Exit" button on the remote control.

Action to manage the mode of energetics of a smart TV from LG with WebOS

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