How to enable Spotify offline by notifications and save the Internet

Spotify lets you download music to listen to in "Offline mode" - feature available to premium users. The feature could be turned on by in-app settings, but is now more quickly accessible in the Android phone's notification bar. In this way, you can save Internet 3G / 4G with just one touch, as the feature plays only soundtracks and playlists from your downloaded list saved on your cell phone - without consuming any extra data.

Spotify Offline Mode does not prevent you from using the mobile connection to other applications and messengers. To become a Premium user, there is an individual subscription of R $ 16.90, in addition to the options to pay half-student (R $ 8.50) or use the family package with six members for R $ 26.90. Want to find out how to save your mobile internet streaming music? So, check out all the tips in the following tutorial.

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See how to enable offline mode in Spotify to listen to downloaded music and save 3G

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Enable Offline Mode from the notification bar

Step 1. Open the Spotify app on Android. Then, drag the notification bar from the cell phone on the screen (top to bottom), as if you were seeing a new alert. Then drag the same bar once more to display the full shortcuts and tap the "Edit" button.

Open the mobile notifications bar and edit the shortcuts

Step 2. Now find Spotify's "Offline Mode" icon, which should be at the bottom of the list, and press your finger on it for a few seconds. The icon becomes mobile and can be dragged into the shortcut blocks in the notification bar of the phone. A useful tip is to position the Spotify icon among the first shortcuts, to have even faster access at the time of activation.

Find the Spotify offline mode icon and add it to your phone's shortcuts

Step 3. Now, whenever you want to leave your Spotify offline simply drag the notifications bar from the cell phone and touch the Spotify icon. Note that it will be changed to a "cut" button and the application will indicate that it is offline. To deactivate, touch the same icon again.

Enable and disable Spotify offline mode with one tap on the shortcut

Enable Offline for app settings

Step 1. Open the Spotify app on your phone. Then tap the "Your" button on the taskbar at the bottom of the application. Your personal library will be displayed. Now at the top right of the screen, click on the "Settings" icon.

Access the Spotify application settings from your Library

Step 2. Finally, find the "Offline Mode" and activate the key next to this item, changing from gray (off) to green (on). When you want to go back to online mode, simply repeat this step by step and turn off the same key in the settings.

Turn on offline mode by application settings

Both procedures make the "Offline Mode" work the same way, turning off internet usage to play songs and playing only tracks already downloaded on the phone.

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