How to enable Telegram's automatic night mode on iPhone

The Telegram for iPhone (iOS) has been updated to version 4.8 and has won several new features. The highlight is the automatic night mode, which has been available to Android users for more than a month. When set, the dark theme is applied automatically in low-light or night-time environments. The function is ideal for those who want to use the messenger with more comfort in the dark, without attacking the eyes with the light and bright background of the cell phone screen.

If you've already updated your phone's apps, check out the step-by-step instructions and learn how to turn on and set up the automatic night mode. Remember that the feature remains an exclusivity of the Telegram - WhatsApp, its main competitor, does not yet have a dark theme.

Telegram for iPhone gains automatic night mode; learn how to configure

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Step 1. Open the Telegram app and in the lower right corner of the screen go to Settings. Then touch "Appearance" and open "Automatic Night Theme".

Access Telegram settings

Step 2. Select the "Scheduled" item to activate an automatic schedule. You can set a start and end time from "From" and "To" or enable the "Sunrise and Sunset" option. The Telegram will then need your location to find out when it gets dark. To do so, tap "Only While Using App" if prompted.

Activating the programmed night mode

Step 3. It is also possible to use the night mode when the screen brightness is low, which is useful for dark environments, regardless of the time of day. In this case, select the "Automatic" option and use the slider bar to adjust the limit. Note that the smaller the darker the environment should be for the night mode to be activated. Lastly, you can choose between the dark and dark blue theme.

Turning on automatic night mode

Ready! Enjoy the tips for setting up Telegram's automatic night mode on your iPhone.

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