How to enter the BIOS setup of a Sony notebook

Entering the BIOS setup of a Sony notebook can be an important action when formatting the computer if the user wants to install the software again by booting via USB. The BIOS, stands for Basic Input Output System, is a PC startup software, which is responsible, among other things, for starting the operating system (in this case, Windows or Linux).

The Japanese manufacturer does not produce more computers, but all that remain on the market allow access to the machine's primitive system configurations relatively simply. Here's how to do it. It is worth remembering that the input method may vary depending on the laptop. The following procedures were performed on a Sony Vaio PCG-71911X.

Here's how to access the BIOS of the Sony notebook

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Older models

If a Sony notebook exits the factory with Windows 7 or older versions of the system, you can enter the BIOS with a traditional keyboard shortcut.

Step 1. Turn on the computer and press the F2 key repeatedly. During startup, the notebook understands the command and opens the setup instead of Windows.

Press F2 to enter the setup of an old Vaio notebook

Step 2. Navigate the BIOS using the keyboard according to the instructions in the screen footer. To save changes and start Windows, press F10 and confirm your choice to "Yes".

Navigate the BIOS with the keyboard

With Windows 8 pre-installed

Pre-installed Windows 8 or higher machines rely on the Microsoft hybrid boot that prevents access to the BIOS by the traditional method. When this occurs, users should turn to the Assist function to enter the setup of a Sony Vaio.

Step 1. With the notebook off, press the "Assist" key.

Use the Assist key on the off computer to access the BIOS

Step 2. You will see a black screen with machine recovery options. Press F2 to enter the setup - this time, the shortcut will work. In cases where the Assist key does not work, the reason is usually the lack of the recovery partition on the machine. In these situations, all that remains is to format the computer using the Windows options.

Use the F2 shortcut in the recovery environment to access the setup

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