How to evolve vehicles in The Crew 2, game for PS4, Xbox One and PC

The Crew 2 is one of Ubisoft's great releases for 2018. With versions for PS4, Xbox One and PC (with download via Steam), the racing franchise has expanded its mechanics and now has a modern car evolution system. Understand how to improve vehicles in the newly launched open-world game:

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Unlike the more arcade proposal of the first title in the series, the sequence considerably deepens your personalization system. Now it is possible to equip better parts to the vehicles to make them more powerful, besides the possibility of applying aesthetic changes, including in boats, motorcycles and airplanes.

The Crew 2: learn how to evolve vehicles in the racing game

The hallmark feature in the new game is undoubtedly looting. The vehicle enhancement system is addictive, robust and similar to what you see in modern action games and RPGs such as Destiny, Diablo and The Division, which feature items of different levels of rarity, color and power.

In The Crew 2, the parts of the vehicles are labeled as "Goods". Items are awarded as a reward at the end of each race and challenge available on the map. Depending on the difficulty level selected in the match, the pieces become more valuable - playing in the difficult, for example, grants rarer items.

The Crew 2: loot system brings pieces of different colors and rarity levels

To change the performance of a vehicle in your collection, press the pause button and locate the "Vehicles" tab, which displays the catalog of cars, motorcycles, boats and planes purchased throughout the campaign.

The Crew 2: Commodities are awarded when completing missions and challenges

After that, choose the desired vehicle and find the option "Performance". When you access the tab, you have seven spaces in the inventory to apply new performance items.

As soon as new equipment is attached, the car's performance level rises, and as a result, you will be able to attend events that require high levels of skill. Make sure that all your machines are on the highest level, equipped with the best parts, and risk more difficult activities.

The Crew 2: Fill in all the spaces to raise the performance level of the car

Another point to remember is that parts inventory is limited and needs to be managed periodically. Remember to scrap all the parts that are outdated and downstairs, because they fill up the space and of course will not be used again.

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