How to Find All the Effects on YumeNikki Dream Diary

In YumeNikki Dream Diary, the reimagined version of the original 2004 PC (via Steam), Madotsuki can acquire skills through items called effects . Check out, in this tutorial, how to get the five that are indispensable to finish the game.

Meet the bizarre Yume Nikki


The knife is on the map of the city, just follow the game until the chase part. The item can be used to attack NPCs, aggressive or harmless. It is also essential to finalize the dream of the city.

The knife is on the town scenery in YumeNikki Dream Diary


The Hamsa is located on the pier, in front of the train. Use the interaction button near the signal with one hand to remove the wooden board. This item will then be used in another puzzle.

On the map of the pier, start the wooden board to open a passage in YumeNikki Dream Diary

Enter the new passage and walk to the left. You will return to the previous platform. Use the interaction to get the Hamsa. It is an amulet that can be used when the hand icon appears on the map.

Enter the passage and get the item Hamsa on the other side in YumeNikki Dream Diary

Flute (Flute)

At the mall, enter the hallway that is next to a sign.

In YumeNikki Dream Diary, access the map of the mall and enter the clinic

Head to the end of the room on the left, and talk to O-Man. You will receive a flute. The object will be useful in several jigsaw puzzles with musical notes. To leave the clinic, I talked to E-Man and repeated the song.

Go to the left of the room and talk to O-Man to win the flute on YumeNikki Dream Diary

Umbrella (Umbrella)

The umbrella is one of the most important effects in YumeNikki Dream Diary. Without this item, Madotsuki can not explore the dream of the school. To get it, you need to solve the rune stones puzzle.

Death Riddle (Death Glyph)

The first rune stone is in the desert scenery itself, near the puzzle. It is embedded in one of the cubes scattered across the map. Head to the southern part of the map, as shown in the image below.

The first runic stone is on the desert map in YumeNikki Dream Diary

Rune Rock of the Moon (Moon Glyph)

Enter and exit the train until you find the creature in the image below. Talk to him to listen to a song. Repeat the notes with the flute to receive the Kalimba . This item will be needed for the next part.

Talk to the NPC on the train to get the Kalimba on YumeNikki Dream Diary

Use the train to get to the second part of the desert. Look for a house that is open - be careful not to get caught by the monster. Give Kalimba to the NPC to learn a song. Write down the order.

Deliver Kalimba to learn a song in YumeNikki Dream Diary

Use the train again to reach the world of murals. Go down until you find the monster that is in the image below. Play the song you learned to receive the rune of the moon.

Touch the music to receive the Rune Rock of the Moon in YumeNikki Dream Diary

Runic Sun Stone (Sun Glyph)

Go back to the desert map and use the knife on the plant with a red eye.

Use the knife on the plant to catch the red eye on YumeNikki Dream Diary

Return to the world of murals and walk to the direct. Take the kite.

In the world of YumeNikki Dream Diary murals, go right and pick up the kite

In the scenario of the houses, place the wooden board and the red eye in the cage to mount a trap. You must attract the monster to the place. Get the attention of the animal and jump from box to box, following the path of the image below. With him trapped, the NPCs will leave the houses.

Jump from box to box and take the creature into the cage in YumeNikki Dream Diary

To the direct of the map, change the kite by the runic stone of the sun.

Swap the kite for the Sun Rune Rock on YumeNikki Dream Diary

War Rune Stone (War Glyph)

The runestone of war is in one of the open houses.

Enter the open house to pick up the last rune stone in YumeNikki Dream Diary

Enter and get the last missing item for the puzzle.

The War Runic Stone is on the floor of the house in YumeNikki Dream Diary


Place the items in the following order: stone of the sun, stone of the moon, stone of war and stone of death. A passage will be unlocked in place of the hieroglyphics. Climb the stairs to get the umbrella.

Match the stones to open a new passage in YumeNikki Dream Diary

Walk right into the new dream. The umbrella is on the floor.

The Umbrella is on the floor near a bench in YumeNikki Dream Diary


The lantern is in the second part of the school when the scenery turns red. Advance to the third floor, after the boxes puzzle. Use the umbrella to make the double jump. Enter the door below.

Go to the third floor of the school in YumeNikki Dream Diary

Climb the platforms with the umbrella to find the object.

Jump the platforms to catch the flashlight on YumeNikki Dream Diary

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