How to find and download new games via Facebook for mobile

Facebook offers game suggestions, which can be downloaded on the Android phone, based on users' preferences. In addition, you can also find new games by the application center, which shows what your friends are accessing, or by direct search. The three options can be used for free and simply on the social network.

The most diverse themes are available, such as strategy, board, war, car racing and even the popular Candy Crush Saga, Angry Birds and Cut The Rope. Thus, you renew your list of games to access on the mobile, ideal for ensuring fun during travel or free time. The interesting thing is that it is not necessary to spend 3G or 4G internet, and you can download them via Wi-Fi in the Google Play Store. Curious to find out how to find? Check out the tips in this tutorial.

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Learn to find new games via Facebook on Android

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Find games by your preferences

Step 1. Facebook gathers games based on their use and preferences in the social network, to offer more specific items. To find the one that suits you the most, open the Facebook application on Android and select the menu button, indicated by "three lines" at the top right. Scroll down the screen and click on the "Games" option, which is in the "Applications" category.

Open the games menu in the Facebook application

Step 2. Game recommendations for you, based on your interests, will be shown. Just drag the screen to the sides (right and left) and discover new games for Android. To continue, tap "Install". You'll be taken to the Google Play Store. Confirm on "Install" again.

Find the games recommended by Facebook and install on Android

Step 3. Now, just wait for the download process to end and touch "Open". The game will be saved directly to the device and is a good choice not to spend 3G or 4G mobile data.

Open the game on Android after download

Facebook Application Center

Step 1. Another way to find new games is through the Application Central. To do this, open Facebook on Android, and then tap the menu icon, indicated by "three lines" at the top right. Find the "Applications" category and select "View all". Click the "App Invitations" option.

Open the application invitation center in the Facebook menu

Step 2. Touch the "Find new games" button. Several options will open for you to choose from the Apps Central, divided into "Social Choices" (your friends have already accessed or recommended) and "Top Apps" (with the ones most accessed by all users).

Access the application central with game options on Facebook

Step 3. When choosing one of the games, you will be directed to a page with more information. Confirm on "Play" at the top right. On the Google Play Store screen, tap "Install" to download the game.

Install the game you prefer on your Android phone

Step 4. Wait for the download process to finish and select the "Open" button to run the game on your phone. The game will be saved to the device and can then be accessed through the Android application menu.

Finish download and open the game on Android phone

Game specific search

Step 1. On Facebook, it's easy to find specific games, which some friend has already commented with you, for example. To do this, enter the game name in the "Search" bar at the top of the app. In the results, find the category of "Applications" and select the desired game.

Find specific games by Facebook search

Step 2. A screen with more information about the app will be displayed. To start the game, touch "Play". You will be redirected to the Google Play Store to download the app. Confirm on "Install".

Confirm to play and install the game on Android

Step 3. Wait for the download process to finish and then tap "Open" to run the game on your phone. It will be saved to the device and then accessible through the Android application menu.

Finish download and open the game on Android phone

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