How to find the best mobile phone plan for each type of consumer

Do you spend too much on telephony? Know that you can discover the ideal mobile plan with the My Mobile Plan app for Android and iPhone (iOS). In addition to helping control internet spending and calls, the app has a tool to search for specific offers and more for all carriers available in your region. According to the developers, more than a thousand options are registered in the platform.

The user can also show interest in the offer within the application itself and wait for the contact of the program specialists team. Check out the tutorial on how to find packages for your smartphone in the lines below. The procedure was performed on an iPhone 6S.

My Mobile Plan allows you to find cheaper plans according to your needs

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First access and login

Step 1. Tap "Skip" to go directly to the settings. As a chat, the app will ask you some questions like the name and the way you want to connect. In this example, we use Facebook.

Application allows registration through Facebook

Step 2. Then read the terms of use of the application and confirm in "I have read and accept the policy and the terms of use". On the next page, just tap "Continue".

After reading the terms of use, accept the policy and connect with your Facebook account

Step 3. Next, just enter your email address and cell phone number to proceed with the registration. Just enter them in the lower text box and touch the send icon.

Enter your email and phone to continue

Step 4. Wait a few seconds. Then go to "Sign In" to use the app.

Register your current plan

Before you search for other offers that matter more to you, you need to submit your current plan and carrier data in My Mobile Plan so that the application understands your needs.

Step 1. From the home screen, go to "Register your plan to save". Then confirm your current carrier. If it is correct, touch "Yes".

To make the search for plans more in account, it is necessary to register your current plan

Step 2. My Mobile Plan will then ask you some facts about your plan. Enter the payment frequency (weekly or monthly) and the current amount. Then select the name from the list.

Confirm your carrier and choose your current plan from the list

Step 3. Confirm the cell plan. Then touch "Select plan" and select the due date.

Confirm your plan and mark your due date

Finding Cheaper Plans

Step 1. Tap "I want to save". On the next page, you can check some plans similar to the current one, but at a higher price. To filter your results with your preferences, go to "Advanced Filters".

save "to look for plans cheaper than your current one

Step 2. Select the 4G internet franchise and voice pack. Touch Save. Then check out the plans according to the profile you have chosen and choose one of the options.

Choose the Internet franchise and the ideal minutes for your profile

Step 3. Check the data of the chosen plan and touch "I have interest". At the end, the app will display a confirmation message for the request. Just wait for the contact of one of the agents to register.

interest "to request service

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