How To Find The Best Web Hosting For You

When you do not work with technology you end up having a bit of trouble understanding what criteria are important to review a web hosting service. For this, several sites that know the subject, dedicate their time to test and write about the services available in the market.

Through rankings these experts evaluate the services taking into account a number of criteria. To help you, we went after the information and summarized everything for you.

First, what is web hosting?

For your website to stay online on the internet you need two essential components, the domain and the hosting. To better understand what the difference is between them, imagine that your site is a home.

To build the house you need an address, which is the indication of where the house is located - that is the domain. Already the lodging is the land where you will put all the necessary materials to build the house, in our analogy are all the files that make up the site: texts, images, emails etc. Is it better to understand?

What should the best website hosting offer?

Now that you know that the hosting is the one that will store all the files of your site, you can understand that it needs to be of quality. Is not it? Among all the items analyzed by the specialized websites, some may be considered basic but certainly are essential to determine the best hosting of sites. Understand each of the factors:

1. Support : On the internet things can happen at any time, so it's important that your hosting provider offers 24-hour support because you never know when something is going to happen, right? In addition, another important factor is the attendance, many companies only offer English support and opting for one that has the Portuguese service team can facilitate everything in difficult times.

2. Stability : You need your site to be online all the time, and that's what uptime is all about. Typically provided as a percentage of time, it defines the availability of a server, meaning the higher the percentage, the greater the guarantee that your site will be available. For example, HostGator offers 99.9% uptime.

3. Storage : also known as disk space, is the limit of space that the content of a site can use within the server. When planning your website, it is important to estimate how much space your site will use to choose the best option.

4. Transfer : here we are talking about the amount of data that can be transferred to the hosting. Do you know when you need to update the site? When you upload images or any other content, it is the transfer feature that will be used.

5. Control panel : it is used to facilitate the administration of the site and the resources of the hosting without the user having to have technical knowledge. In HostGator hosting the control panel is cPanel, one of the most popular managers in the market.

6. Additional services : they also count points in the search for the best hosting of sites, because everything that can facilitate the administration of your site never hurts. You can count on free and unlimited email accounts, website creator service, SSL certificate, security services and even free domain.

7. Good price : surely you do not want to make a very high investment to create your website. So the most important thing is to carefully evaluate the cost in relation to the benefit. In addition to the value, consider all the previous points to make the comparison.

With these 7 points, you are on the right track to get the best website hosting for your project.

Reputation: Know who you want to hire

Now that you already know what factors to observe, the question remains: is the company really reliable? Knowing the brands more thoroughly is essential to understanding your market presence and customer satisfaction levels. To do this, you can seek information from web hosting experts. After all, they not only know the technical part, but also test the quality of the products.

They usually make in-depth reviews of the products and other complementary information. In addition, it is very common to find complete and thorough reviews regarding the brands themselves, describing their history, structure, service, resources and other information.

Knowing the company before hiring is crucial to finding the best web hosting for you, try to talk to the company's pre-sales team to clarify doubts about the characteristics of the products, since website hosting plays a key role in your website, it stores all the content and leaves available on the internet.

Start your online presence

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