How to find Bradesco Saúde doctor by cell phone

Those who have Bradesco Saúde's plan have the help of the official application to find emergencies, clinics, specific doctors and diagnostic centers. The function dispenses the search in the thick books that usually accompany the card of the plan.

The app has interesting features like searching for nearby pharmacies. To access the functions, the insured must register. You must inform the CPF, email and card number to create an account in the application and start using.

The following is a tutorial on how to find doctors at Bradesco Saúde. All in all, there are four options available: by location, by qualification, by specialty and by name. The procedure was done on a Samsung Galaxy S7 with Android 7.0 (Nougat).

Tutorial shows how to find doctors in the Bradesco Saúde application

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By location

Step 1. With the app open and logged in, tap "Find referrals." Then select "Near Me".

Follow the first steps to find doctors in the Bradesco Saúde app

Step 2. Fill in the required information. To get started, choose the type of establishment. In the demonstration, we selected "Hospitalization".

Fill in the information to find nearby doctors

Step 3. Then choose a specialty. The location data will appear automatically and you will only need to populate the city. For the simulation, we chose Gynecology.

Choose a specialty and select the city

Step 4. Tap "Search" to view nearby establishments and their addresses. Choose a location and click on it. The simulation was done with the second option.

After completing the options, see the closest establishments

Step 5. When you click on the chosen setting, the application shows data such as phone and address. also allowing you to trace a route from your location.

The app shows the location of the selected property and allows you to plot a route

By qualification

Step 1. After logging in, tap "Find Referrals". Then select "By Qualification."

Find doctors according to the qualification following the step by step

Step 2. Fill in the information, starting with the type of establishment. For the tutorial, we select the option "Hospitalization".

Select the options you want to find doctors and establishments

Step 3. Choose a qualification. In the simulation, we chose the first option, "Accreditation Program".

Choose a specific qualification to complete the search

Step 4. Then select a specialty.

Then choose a specialty

Step 5. Fill in the city and neighborhood information. Then touch "Search".

To finalize the search, fill in information such as desired city and neighborhood

Step 6. The app will display the search results. When you open an establishment, you can view information and map a route there.

By choosing the desired establishment, you can access more information about it

By specialty

Step 1. Tap "Find Referrals" and then "By Specialty."

Follow the steps to find doctors and establishments by specialty

Step 2. Fill in the information requested in the fields and click on search.

Step 3. The app will display the settings that fit the filters made. By touching one of them, you can find location information and discover the route there.

Clinics and hospitals are displayed, according to the chosen options. You can get more information and route

By name

Step 1. To find a doctor by name, log in to the app and tap "Find referrals." Then select "By Name".

App Bradesco Saúde also allows you to search for doctors by name

Step 2. Fill in information such as the name of the doctor, state and city. Then touch "Search".

Fill in the name of the doctor you want to find. A dummy name was used to demonstrate the function

Step 3. The application can find doctors of the same name in different neighborhoods of the city. Select what you want. For the tutorial, we chose the first option, B Tijuca. Then select a doctor or come back to choose another option if the result does not show the professional you are looking for.

Select the neighborhood where you want to find the doctor's address

Step 4. Touching on the desired doctor's name also displays information like phone, address, and the possibility of tracing a route to the location as long as the geographic location (GPS) is activated on your mobile phone.

See the doctor's information and trace a route to your address

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