How to find cars to buy with the iCarros app

The iCarros app, from the e-site, is an important free ally for Android and iPhone (iOS) users looking for vehicles to buy. The application has tools that make it easy to search for 0km or used cars. Without the need for a previous registration, it is possible to filter the options through categories like price, color, exchange rate and year of the vehicle.

ICarros still allows you to view the so-called FIPE Table, which shows the average price that the vehicles are being sold, something important to be able to pay a value that matches the model of the dream car. Check out below tips to get the most out of the main functions of the application. The procedure was performed on an iPhone 6S.

iCarros allows you to search cars 0km and used for purchase

Drivers can use cell phones to open the car and start the engine

Search by cars 0km

Step 1. With the application open, go to "Catalog" to search the 0km cars. With the page open, enter the model of the vehicle of your interest in the "Enter the model" box.

Step 2. If you want, you can also select the minimum and maximum price of the vehicles to be displayed. To do this, click on "Price". Enter the desired values ​​or adjust the blue circles to select the prices that are right for you.

Step 3. Another option is to search through categories. By clicking on "Category" a list with some options will be displayed. Select the type of vehicle you are looking for. In our case, we selected "Sports Utility". Shortly thereafter, the app will display the list of the top vehicles in the category you have chosen.

0km search can be done through categories

Step 4. To further specify the search, you can click on "Style" and choose from options such as "Family Cars", "Economy Cars", "Sports Cars", and others.

for family ", " sports ", among others

Search for used cars by category

The search for used vehicles is very efficient in iCarros. App users can choose between retail or private cars, color, fuel type and currency, price, year, among other options.

Step 1. On the application start screen, click "detailed search". Then you need to determine the radius of location of the offers, ie how far away from your current location will be the vehicles to be displayed. Click "Location."

detailed "search for used vehicles

Step 2. Check if the offers will only be in your "state" or just inside your "city", as is our case. Then set the radius and click "apply."

Select the location where the offers will be displayed

Step 3. After marking the location, create the filters according to your preferences. Click "Template" if you want the search to show specific vehicles. In the open window, click the "+" to add the templates.

Select the templates to display

Step 4. Enter the template and select the desired option from the list. You can choose more than one. At the end, click "apply."

Step 5. To search for offers that offer the possibility of financing, click on "Financing". Remember to check the "with financing" option and click "apply."


Step 6. Click "Price". Here, you can enter or use the scroll bar to set the maximum and minimum value of the vehicles. Then click "apply."

Choose the minimum and maximum price of the vehicles that are right for you

Step 7. To set the year of the models to be displayed, click "Year of the model". Again, just type or mark the desired years on the bar. In our case, the offers will be models between 2010 and 2017.

of the model ", check the desired values

Step 8. After selecting all the desired filters, click "OK". The application will then display all the car options according to the selected categories, in timeline format.

View FIPE Table

To not pay more expensive than a car really costs, the app user can check what the average value that models are being sold in their region. The tool allows you to view the FIPE Chart as well as the Kelley Blue Book (KBB) fair price quote.

Step 1. From the iCarros home screen, click on "FIPE Table". On the page, you can perform the search using the desired template. Click "Enter Template."


Step 2. Write the name of the desired car and select it from the list. Then mark the year of the vehicle to be searched for.

Type the name of the desired model and the year

Step 3. Here you can choose between viewing the "Purchase Price" or "Sale Price". To proceed, enter the desired region for the quotation and the ideal model in the list. Shortly thereafter, the app will display the average purchase or sale price on iCarros and the average FIPE price.

Selects and region in which the price list will be based

Step 4. To view the KBB quote, simply scroll down. At the bottom of the page, you can check the price range and view more offers according to those values.

KBB table and price variation can be seen at the bottom of the page

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