How to Find a Discount Coupon on Méliuz

Méliuz is a cashback service and discount coupons. One of its advantages is the large number of partner brands, making the platform a great option both in online shopping and in the real world. Registration and use are free, and can be done in the application for Android and iPhone (iOS), in addition to the web version.

Although Méliuz focuses on giving money back, most stores offer a gift voucher at the time of purchase. The value of each promotion varies according to the establishment, which also establishes the rules of use. The tutorial below, done on a Moto G5S Plus with Android 7.1.1, teaches you to register and find coupons at Méliuz to make purchases paying cheaper.

Learn to find discount coupon in Méliuz

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Registration and start

Step 1. After installing Méliuz, open the app and tap "I want to register". Press the "Fill in Facebook" button (option used in this tutorial) or enter your email and create a password. Press "Register" next. If you are already registered on the platform, choose "I am already registered" on the first screen and then log in.

Initial Méliuz signup screens for the Android app

Step 2. Since Méliuz is a cashback platform, it is necessary to inform your CPF, through which the service will deposit the amount into your bank account. Also enter your mobile number and press "Activate account". The application will ask you to confirm the phone number. If you want to do this immediately, tap "Send code". If not, press "Next".

Phone and CPF entry in the Méliuz register

Step 3. The Méliuz will send a six-digit code to your cell phone via SMS. Enter the number and press "OK". When the message "Phone validated successfully" appears, tap the "Continue" button.

Validation of the phone in the Méliuz from code sent by SMS

Step 4. Now that you are already registered, the application will ask for access permission to the location of your device. Press "Allow" and then tap "Continue" on the introductory screens of the Méliuz.

Permission to access and introductory screens of the Méliuz app after completion of registration

Finding coupons

Step 1. The Méliuz displays by default the "Must Do" tab, which brings together the platform's biggest offerings. In each section, you can slide your finger to the right or left and see the featured tag cards. If you want to view all the stores in a category, touch "View all" and navigate until you find the desired company.

Navigation through all the stores of the category Travel and tourism in Méliuz

Step 2. Entering the store, you will immediately see the "Best coupons and offers" section. Cards with etiquette and dollar sign design are cashback and promotions. Discount coupons are represented with a description of the offer, as indicated in the first image below. Touch it to view the code that should be applied at the time of purchase.

Trip discount code found in the Méliuz app

Step 3. Enter the "Search" tab to find coupons of all the stores registered in the Méliuz, and not only the ones that are highlighted. Select the category of product or service you want and see the complete list of registered establishments. To filter the results, touch the first button at the top of the screen, highlighted in the second image below.

List of stores registered in Méliuz in the technology category

Step 4. Select one of the filters, if desired, and press the check button in the upper right corner of the screen to apply it. Navigate the results you get, and when you find the one you want, touch it.

Search filter application in stores registered in Méliuz

Step 5. Slide the "Best Coupons and Deals" cards to find a coupon. When this occurs, enter it and see the code. If you are shopping for the phone, press the "Copy code and go to store" button to facilitate the coupon insertion procedure. Tap the heart icon in your favorite stores to add them to the favorites and save time in finding them in the Méliuz.

Step 6. When entering a coupon, slide the screen down to view all conditions of use, which may include expiration date, minimum value, and other criteria. Touch the share button and select an app if you'd like to send the discount coupon to a friend.

Méliuz Discount Coupon Sharing

Step 7. Another option is to enter the name of the store in the search field in the "Search" tab. Touch the result found by the app and then enter the tag's name.

Search by brand by typing the name in the search field in the Méliuz app

Step 8. Do the same procedure as described above to find discount coupons for the store or service.

Discount coupon for the Cabify app found in Méliuz

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