How to Find Easy Recipes with the Kitchen Stories app

The Kitchen Stories app is an online platform that brings several videos that teach you how to make simple and tasty recipes. Available for iPhone (iOS) and Android smartphones, the tool has filters to find step-by-step tutorials to make easy recipes and quick preparation. Among the culinary delights, you can find cake recipes, pancakes, pudding and other easy-to-make foods.

This app is ideal for people who want to learn how to cook and who have little time to prepare food at home. To use this app, you need to create a profile using a Facebook account or an email address. TechTudo has prepared a tutorial that shows you how to use the Kitchen Stories app.

Tutorial shows you how to find easy recipes using the Kitchen Stories app

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Step 1. Open the application and touch the "I've just arrived" option. In the next window, use a Facebook account or email address and confirm the permissions to use your data to finalize the registration.

Option to create a master record in the Kitchen Stories app

Step 2. To access the platform start screen, click on "Let's start". At this point, tap the "Search" option at the bottom of the screen.

Path to access the Kitchen Stories app search tool

Step 3. Use the search bar to find specific recipes or, if you would like a quick recipe, touch the clock icon. In the results screen, all the platform's quick recipes will be displayed. You can access the "Filter" option to select results for types of food.

Options for searching the Kitchen Stories app

Step 4. Select a category type or dishes that follow a type of diet. To proceed, press "OK". At this point, only results according to the filter will be displayed. Choose one of the recipes to proceed.

Option to filter resulting from the search in the Kitchen Stories app

Step 5. The recipe screen displays the average rating of the dish made by other users. In addition, you can enjoy the dish using your profile, save the recipe to see later and share it on social networks and messengers. To finish, touch the center of the image to play the tutorial video of the dish.

Option to view a video in the Kitchen Stories app

Enjoy the tip to evolve in the kitchen by learning new delicious dishes with simple recipes.

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