How to find movies online to watch on TV with Android

The Android TV system, present in smart TVs and media centers, offers a simple and agile way to find movies online to watch. In the Android 8 Oreo version, users can use Google Assistant to do voice searches and get content suggestions from installed applications.

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The feature prevents the user from having to open apps individually to explore the available options, reducing the time to find something interesting. Here's how to use Android's global search to find movies on TV.

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Step 1. Press the microphone button on your smart TV remote to trigger Google Assistant. The feature is only present on Android TV 8 or higher. When the "Listening" notification appears in the footer, use your voice to search for movies.

Use your voice to search for movies through Google Assistant

Step 2. The tip is to speak naturally and use important keywords like gender or name of the actor or actress. Say something like "thriller movies" or "Darin's films" to continue.

Use genre, actor name, and other keywords to search

Step 3. Next, Android will display a selection of titles related to your search. Navigate sideways using the remote control arrows to explore options.

Android displays search-related movies

Step 4. While browsing down, the system displays other similar content from YouTube and other apps that do not necessarily offer movies.

Explore other related content

Step 5. When choosing a movie, Android shows which apps are available for streaming, plus a shortcut to watch the trailer on YouTube, and a synopsis summary and list of actors.

Select an application to play the movie online

Step 6. If the movie is available in a streaming service such as Netflix, you can start playing with a click. On the other hand, if the title is on the Google platform, you need to navigate to the app to choose whether to buy or rent before watching.

In Google Play Movies, choose whether to buy or rent the movie

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