How to find the number of 2018 election candidates

The number of all candidates for the 2018 Elections is available on the website of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE). The function is useful to make the electoral glue, the famous "holy" and take to vote on October 7. The list is also useful who does not know who to vote for and wants to know the possibilities available for the first round. In addition, it is possible to check if the person has the regular candidacy or if it has been rejected by the Electoral Court.

In the following tutorial, see how to find the list with the number of candidates. The procedure is the same for president and state positions, as federal deputy, state deputy, governor and senator. The TSE platform is compatible with leading browsers on the market, such as Chrome and Firefox.

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Learn how to consult the number of candidates for the 2018 Elections

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Step 1. Access the TSE Election Candidatures and Accounts Disclosure website ( Scroll down to "Search by Brazilian Regions" and click one of the options;

Open the desired region on the TSE website and consult the list of candidates

Step 2. If you want to consult the list of candidates for the presidency of the republic, go to "Brazil" and then click "President";

Consult presidential candidates through the TSE website

Step 3. To consult the number of candidates for other positions simply touch your region and position the mouse cursor over the acronym of your state. In the menu that appears, click on the post of interest;

Consulting State Candidates

Step 4. The list with all the candidates will be displayed in alphabetical order, according to the name in the urn. In the column on the right, you can check the number of each. If you prefer, click the little box below "No." to sort in ascending mode. Remember to create a glue to take on Election Day and avoid forgetting your candidate's numbers.

View the number of candidates on the TSE website

Ready. Take advantage of the tip, if you tell and be prepared for the 2018 Elections with the numbers of all the candidates you have chosen.

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