How to find out if your password leaked over the Internet with LastPass

LastPass is a digital password safe that offers a simple way to know if your information has been exposed on the Internet. Through a plugin for Google Chrome, the service scans its credentials on the platform and compares it with known databases of leaked data. The feature is hidden in the "Security Challenge" function, a logins check mode that also allows you to automatically change passwords on the web. See in the tutorial how to use LastPass on the PC and find out if your password has already leaked on the web.

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Step 1. Download and install the LastPass extension for Chrome by clicking on "Use in Chrome" and then choose "Add extension";

Install LastPass for Google Chrome

Step 2. After installation, click the extension icon in the browser bar and sign in to your LastPass account. If you do not have an account yet, create a new one. To analyze your passwords you must configure the digital safe and manually enter login data into the service;

Sign in or create an account at LastPass

Step 3. Then click on "More Options";

Access extra options on LastPass

Step 4. Access the item "Security Challenge";

Access the LastPass security challenge in Chrome

Step 5. Click on "Show my score" to start analyzing your credentials stored in LastPass. The service must request the master password retyping to proceed;

Start parsing your passwords on LastPass

Step 6. After a brief review, LastPass will ask for permission to compare your emails with databases of leaked logins on the internet. Check the items you want to investigate and go to "Continue";

Select logins to track possible leaks

Step 7. If there are no detections, LastPass will send a message of success in English ("Great News!");

LastPass warns you if there are any leaked passwords

Step 8. If there is a problem, the page will display a list of services with passwords that have been leaked and need to be changed immediately. Check the items you want and click "Update Now" to start LastPass password auto-changer;

Select services to change passwords via LastPass

Step 9. The service will open the sites one by one in new tabs and execute the password change automatically, with replacement of the previous information by strong sequences, difficult to be guessed. Keep your browser tabs open while the process is running.

Wait for password changes made by LastPass

At the end of the password exchange, the information is updated in the digital safe to be used by the automatic padding of LastPass on PC or mobile. Although the codes can be queried in the search of the platform, the service will make future logins on its own, without user interference.

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