How to find out the meaning of an emoji that does not appear on your cell phone

With the launch of new emojis, it is common to receive messages accompanied by icons such as an "x", an interrogation or a square symbol - indicating that there is a face that the cell phone or PC does not recognize. This is because emojis are implemented in each system according to the business calendar. While some already have the new smiles catalog, others are still outdated.

To find out what the "mysterious" emojis are and what they mean there are two ways: through the site of Emojipedia or using Twitter. Check out the following tutorial how to find out which emoji is received, but which is not shown on your device.

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Emoji not recognized by the system

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Step 1. Go to the site // Copy the unidentified emoji and paste in the search field "Search Emojipedia". Click the Magnifying Glass icon or press Enter.

Discover emojis that are not recognized by your device using the Emojipedia website

Step 2. The following screen will reveal what is emoji, with its versions in all available systems, besides the name of the figure and an explanation of its meaning in English.

Emojipedia site reveals emojis not supported by the device

By Twitter

Step 1. Send a tweet to the "@botmoji" profile by pasting the unsupported emoji into the body of the message.

Emojipedia reveals emojis not updated through Twitter

Step 2. You will receive an answer immediately revealing what the emoji is. By clicking on the link, you will be directed to the emoji page in Emojipedia and you will see the complete information about the guy.

Twitter from Emojipedia reveals emojis not supported by your device

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