How to find out the price of the race at Cabify before calling a car

The Cabify transport app lets users discover the value of a race before it is run. With the feature, it is possible to change the exit location and define a route between points distant from the city. In this way, the average value of the color is displayed on the screen, and the user avoids surprises when paying for the service.

To learn how to quote trips on Cabify on iPhone (iOS) and Android smartphones, follow the tutorial step-by-step below.

Cabify allows you to search for prices and trips by connecting anywhere in the city

Security in Cabify: functions help user avoid problems

Step 1. Open Cabify and drag the location marker to any point on the map of your city. Then tap Next Step. In the next window, touch the "Select destination to calculate price" option.

Option to quote a trip at Cabify from anywhere in the city

Step 2. Enter the destination address of the race and tap the matching result in the search suggestions. Once this is done, the application will display the length of the course and the value of the race at that time. To get to the app's home screen, tap Back.

Way to quote a trip in Cabify

Repeat the process whenever you need to know in advance how much you will spend on a race or tell your friends and family the value of your trips at Cabify.

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