How to find out which politicians are investigated for corruption by Chrome

Vigie HERE is an extension for Chrome that was developed by the same creators of the Reclame Here. It aims to highlight and denounce politicians with pending judicial positions that occupy or have held elected positions and ministers. The database is fed by official information from the courts and includes the president, vice president and former presidents, all 81 senators, 27 governors, and 513 federal deputies.

Check out, in the following tutorial, how to install and use the Vigie HERE extension to follow your candidates. Screen captures were made on macOS, but the tips are also good for Windows PC users.

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Extended for Chrome shows the list of politicians investigated, prosecuted or convicted

When faced with the name of a condemned, prosecuted or investigated politician, the extension marks him with purple. The user can then hover over the name to check the political record of the politician. In addition to process information, inquiries and convictions, you can view the party and contact email address.

Step 1. Access the Vigie download page HERE and click "Download" in the right corner. You will be redirected to the Chrome Web Store. There, click "Use in Chrome". Then confirm the installation by clicking "Add Extension";

Installing extension in Chrome

Step 2. With the extension installed, just navigate the Internet normally in Chrome. The name of politicians with any judicial pending will be highlighted in purple on the page. If you want to see details about the pending lawsuits, simply mouse over the name of the politician;

Mouse over the name of the politician

Step 3. A menu will open with the political card. In addition to the full name, party, email and photo, you can see a summary of the latest investigations, prosecutions or convictions. Click on the survey number to access the details on the website of the judiciary.

Poll tab will be displayed on the screen

Ready! Take the tips to keep up with your candidates for the 2018 election.

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