How to find out who read your message in a group through WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web users can see which people viewed or just received a message sent in a group. The function is ideal to see the scope of the subject. The procedure can also be used to know which recipients have not yet received the message. The feature is available in the iPhone app (iOS) and Android smartphones. To know about WhatsApp Web who has read or just received a group message, check out the tutorial below.

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WhatsApp Web tutorial shows you how to know which people in a group read or received your message

Step 1. After sending a message, position the mouse pointer over it and click the arrow icon, as shown in the image below;

Action to view options for a group message in WhatsApp Web

Step 2. Choose the option "Message data" to proceed;

Action to view the data of a group message in WhatsApp Web

Step 3. The messenger will display on the right side of the screen the people who read the message and the ones who just received it in separate frames.

Screen shows people who have received and those who have read a message sent in a WhatsApp Web group

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