How to find out the Wi-Fi password that you are connected by the PC

Discovering the Wi-Fi Internet password that you are connected to is simple with the Windows PC. The operating system writes the password of the networks on which your computer has already been connected. The goal is to make future connections easier, as it will no longer be necessary to enter the security code on that particular device. On the other hand, this helps to make the password easily forgotten by the user, especially if it is complex and difficult to decorate. For such cases, there is a simple way to find out the codes without having to restore the router to its factory settings.

Check out the next step how to recover the password from a Wi-Fi network through the PC. The procedure was performed on a computer running Windows 10, but the tips also apply to earlier versions of the Microsoft system, such as Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Discovering your Wi-Fi password on your mobile phone

How to find the Wi-Fi password for your current network in Windows

Step 1. Right click on the Wi-Fi icon in the lower-right corner of the screen. Then click "Open Network and Sharing Center";

Open Network and Sharing Center

Step 2. Now click "Change Adapter Settings" in the left sidebar of the window;

Access adapter settings

Step 3. Right click on the Wi-Fi network adapter and, in the context menu, click on "Status";

Open Wi-Fi connection status

Step 4. Next, click on "Wireless Connection Properties";

Access the connection properties

Step 5. Finally, in the "Security" tab, check the "Show characters" option.

Discovering the Wi-Fi network password

Ready! The Wi-Fi password will be revealed immediately, so you can connect other devices to the network.

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