How to Find Products with Free Shipping on Black Friday 2018 with the Reduce

Reduza Fretes is an online platform that compares freight rates for a product at different online stores. The service also allows the user to create alerts to be informed when a certain item is with free shipping in one of the partner stores of the site. The tip is ideal for people wishing to take advantage of Black Friday 2018 to pay cheaper for a product and still save on the transportation of their purchases.

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It is worth mentioning that the value of freight is the factor responsible for the abandonment of 70% of carts in online stores, according to the SAP Consumption Propensity Study of 2018. In some cases, freight can represent up to 40% of the value total of one purchase and, as we will see in the example below, can vary more than 400% from one store to another.

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To use the feature, you do not need to create a login to the site. During the freight survey, an email address is required to send the alerts. Check out how to use Reduce Freight to calculate the lowest value when receiving your order.

Step 1. Access the purchase page of a product in an online store and copy the link displayed in the browser;

Action to copy the link of a product in online store to find the cheapest freight using the service Reduce

Step 2. Go to Reduza Fretes ( and paste the link in the search bar, as shown in the image below;

Action to paste the link of a product to find the lowest price of freight using the Reduce Freights website

Step 3. To start the tool, click the "Minor Freight" button;

Action to start a cheaper freight search for a product using the Reduce Freight website

Step 4. Enter your email address and click the "Enter" button. This action is required for the free shipping alert to work;

Action to provide an e-mail address to use the Reduce Freights website

Step 5. Enter the zip code of your residence and click the "Find Less Freight" button;

Action to inform your zip code so that the Reduce Freights website finds the lowest freight value for a product

Step 6. The site will present the same product with the lowest value in sight and lower price in the term, both with the freight rate included. To use site tracking and be advised when the product is shipping free to any online store, click on "Create Freight Alert";

Action to start creation for a free shipping alert on Reduza Fretes

Step 7. Keep selected the option "Freight stay free" and click on "Create alert";

Action to create a free shipping alert on Reduza Fretes

Step 8. Again in the results screen, check the variation of highlighted values. For the product we use as an example, the change in the value of freight reaches up to 664%. The platform offers a link to access the online store with the lowest value. To do so, click "Go to lowest shipping" and finalize your purchase.

Action to go to the site Reduce Freight from a store that offers the lowest freight value for a product

Take the hint to make a purchase with the lowest freight amount possible for a product.

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