How to find Unimed service station by mobile phone

The Unimed application allows you to find a company service center directly from your cell phone. Available for iPhone (iOS) and Android, the tool uses the location of your smartphone to find the nearest unit, the first step to asking questions, presenting documents, and resolving problems related to the health plan.

Available to anyone, whether client or not, the feature does not require login and password to be used. In the following lines, learn how to perform the procedure Step by step was done on an iPhone 7 with iOS 11, but also for other operating systems.

Tutorial shows you how to use the Unimed With You app to find company service centers in your city

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Procedure on iPhone

Step 1. Open the Unimed app and log in. If you are not a customer, touch "Enter as visitor" on the "Continue" button.

Action to access the Unimed application with You without informing client data

Step 2. Select the "Unimed next" option and authorize the app to access your location.

Action to allow the Unimed With You app to access your phone's location

Step 3. Once this is done, the health care unit closest to the health plan will appear on the screen. You can see the address and consult the phone number for questions.

Unimed App indicates closest service unit

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