How to get discounts on Rappi? See the tips

Rappi is a popular delivery application for fast delivery of restaurants and supermarkets. One of its great advantages is the discounts and promotions available to in-app users, which allow you to pay a lower price, or do not pay the freight, on in-app orders. The tips can also help the user to send their personal code to get RappiCréditos.

Also, there is a category with in-app promotions that change every day. Another efficient way to save money is to apply discount coupons. The procedures were tested on the iPhone (iOS) but the interface is similar on Android. Here's how to get step-by-step discounts for this tutorial.

See how to find discounts on Rappi through the app

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1. View the promotions in the app (market and restaurant)

Step 1. The application itself offers a "Promotions and News" category right on the home screen. By selecting, the user can view offers in "Restaurants", "Markets" and even those that will be available later.

Find the promotion category in the Rappi app

Step 2. When selecting, the user is directed to the restaurant / market page. Note that the promotion shows the special price and just press "Add" to put in the basket. Then check the total amount and complete the purchase, in a traditional way.

Check the value of the promotional product in the Rappi cart

2. Share your code with friends

Step 1. Rappi has a personal code system that, when shared with friends, returns credits for the user to use for purchases. To find your code, press the menu at the top left of the screen. Then find the item "Earn RappiCréditos".

Find your promotional code to earn credits on Rappi

Step 2. It will show your Rappi code, which can be sent by WhatsApp, social networks or directly with the link. For each registered friend, you can earn $ 20 in RappiCréditos and your friend can receive up to $ 100 to use in ordering freight.

Share your Rappi code with your friends

3. Apply discount coupon

Step 1. Rappi offers discount coupons frequently to earn rebates on purchases or freight. In order to use, you need to apply the code to your in-app account. These codes are posted on coupon sites or on Rappi's own social networks - especially in Instagram's stories. To apply the coupon there are two ways. The first one is directly by the shortcut button in the upper right corner. Another way is to open the side menu and touch "Enter Discount Coupon".

Find the item to apply discounts on Rappi

Step 2. A window will open to apply the code. If all is correct, the app will return with a success message.

Apply the discount coupon in Rappi

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