How to get a horse in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

In Kingdom Come: Deliverance, the medieval RPG for PS4, PC and Xbox One, having a horse is a privilege of nobles and knights. However, the young Henry can also get a transport animal to ease his move and ease the weight of his inventory. Check out, in this tutorial, three ways to get a horse in the game.

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On mission

Despite stealing some animals and losing them along the way, Henry will receive his own horse naturally with the progress of the story after completing The Prey mission in the town of Rattay. The animal is called Pebbles and will help you in the next tasks in Neuhof and Uzhitz .

The first horse will come naturally with the progression of history in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Use the whistle button to call the horse at any time.


Henry's horse is useful, but not as good as the larger ones in terms of speed and storage capacity. Except that the animals are expensive and groschen is scarce at the beginning of the game. So stealing is a viable alternative if you are short on money.

Stealing is an alternative if you're low on Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Henry can steal from the stables - which is considered a crime - or challenge street-mounted riders. When you defeat (or kill) your opponent, take the horse along with your belongings.


The last option is the simplest and the most expensive. But if Henry has money to invest, changing horses can help him in many ways.

Where to buy?

The first stables are in Neuhof, Uzhitz and Merhojed. Sellers are shown with an icon of a horse on the map.

The stables appear with a horse icon on the Kingdom Come map.

But if Henry already has a horse, why buy another one? The answer lies in performance. Animals have different attributes and tiers that influence their behavior - even in combat. You can buy a horse faster or especially made to fight.

In Kingdom Come, tier 5 horses have better attributes (and are more expensive)

The attributes are divided into five: speed, capacity, courage, health, and stamina.

Speed ​​dictates how fast the horse can run, gallop, or jog. Animals can also carry items - to relieve Henry's weight - but lose agility if they are overworked. The higher the horse's level of ability, the more objects it can carry.

You can preview and compare horse attributes before buying in Kingdom Come

Courage, however, directly influences how animals react to sounds and other dangers - more fearful horses may be frightened and flee in combat. Life and stamina work just like Henry's, but even if the animal suffers a lot of damage, it is not capable of dying.

You can also equip the horses at Kingdom Come

You can still buy equipment, such as cells and horseshoes, to improve these statuses. There are several NPCs in the cities that sell these items. Zora, for example, is sitting inside Neuhof's stable.

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