How to get the rare trophy My Enemy's Enemy in the game Faith

Fe is a platform game for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC with beautiful visuals and that in many moments offers a greater focus on the player experience than in challenge. Still, their enemies, the Silent, cause a lot of trouble, because normally the character is unable to face them and can only hide from them. However it is possible to take revenge by making another enemy to face them, which guarantees the rare trophy or conquest "My Enemy's Enemy". Check out the steps to get it:

The description of the trophy or achievement says that the player must lead a bear to the Silent camp. He is an animal that appears naturally during the campaign when enemies try to capture a large bird, which can free itself with the help of Fe. Unable to capture the bird, enemies take their eggs and Faith needs to rescue them . Upon entering a cave behind one of the Silent Ones with an egg, the player encounters the "Bear", a ferocious creature who ends up killing Silent and picks up the egg for himself.

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Get the rare trophy or conquest My Enemy's Enemy in the Faith game and get revenge on Silent Enemies

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Usually to go through this part of the game just use a fruit to distract the bear and get the egg back. However, at this point it is also possible to use the fruit or the egg itself as a way to attract the bear and lead it to a nearby Silent camp, where it will eventually face and kill the enemies, which will give the trophy or conquest "My Enemy's Enemy" for you. The name comes from an old expression that states: "The enemy of my enemy is my friend".

How to get the My Enemy's Enemy trophy

Step 1: When you find the bear climb up the part of the cave behind it and get a fruit.

Use the fruit in the back of the cave so that Fe can attract the bear

Step 2: Step forward and show the fruit to him until you set the egg aside and begin to attract him. It is also possible to give the fruit to the bear, to pick up the egg and then to attract it when it finishes eating the fruit.

Approach with Fe of the bear so that he can become interested in the fruit and drop the egg

Step 3: Leave the cave by the exit on the left, which does not lead back to the bird. It will pass through a great chasm that eventually leads to a Silent camp.

Take Faith for the exit of the left that gives to the abyss and not the one of the right that returns to the bird

Step 4: Do not get too distant or the bear will lose interest in the fruit and will need to approach it again.

Keep a reasonable distance between Fe and the bear because getting too far away will cause him to lose interest

Step 5: Drive it to the middle of the camp but avoid being seen by the Silent until the bear arrives.

Go with Fe and Bear to the Middle of the Silent's Camp

Step 6: As soon as both enemies meet, they will naturally conflict and you will not have to worry that the Silencers attack Faith.

Wait until the Silent ones see the bear and both will conflict

Step 7: Watch the fight between the two and watch the bear take the best on the Silent, which in turn will unlock the trophy or conquer "My Enemy's Enemy".

After fleeing the Silencers throughout the game Fe can enjoy his revenge by the hands of the bear and win the trophy or conquest My Enemy's Enemy

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