How to get RP, Blue Essence and Experience of League of Legends

Blue Essence, Riot Points and Experience in League of Legends are a series of points and coins that are received as rewards for matches, or even bought with real money. They serve to unlock new champions, skins and other MOBA items. Still do not know what they are or how to win each of the coins in the game? Understand in the guide below.

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RP (Riot Points)

Riot Points is the paid currency of the League of Legends, which can be purchased using the user's real money. With these points, you can purchase champions, character skins and sentinels, as well as emotes, runes pages, chests containing random items, summoner icons, and experience bonuses.

How to Win RP, IP, and League of Legends Experience

The only way to get RPs is by buying packages from the game store. They are available in packs of 650, 1, 300, 2, 600, 4, 550, 6, 500 and 13, 000 Riot Points, with prices ranging from $ 11.50 to $ 235, and can guarantee additional bonuses of up to 2, 000 RPs.

To purchase Riot Points, simply visit the League of Legends store and click "Buy RP" at the top right of the screen.

Blue Essence or Influence Points (EA and IP)

The IPs, or Influence Points, have been removed from the game and replaced with Blue Essence (EA). This is the free coin of the League of Legends, obtained completing missions of the game or disenchanting champions. With EA you can buy new champions and rune pages.

Buy new champions of League of Legends using Blue Essences

Every time a Summoner level up in the League of Legends, he receives a Champion Capsule, which contains Champion Fragments. These fragments can be disenchanted to obtain amounts in Blue Essence, ranging from 90 to 1260, depending on the value of the hero. When the player reaches a new level of Honor, the rewards will be an Orbs and Capsules of Honor, which contains more fragments to disenchant.

Distilling Fragments of Champions of the League of Legends to Win Blue Essence

The missions are also an efficient and fun way to earn Blue Essence. They are updated daily and challenge players with tasks such as winning matches, using certain champions and playing with friends. The minimum prize is 50 essences, and increases greatly depending on the level of difficulty of the task.

EXP (Experience)

The Experience, or EXP, is the prestige level of the League of Legends Invaders. Achieving a certain amount, players will level up and will be awarded Champion Capsules. The EXP is obtained at the end of each game of LoL, in addition to fulfilling missions of the game.

Missions guarantee EXP and EAs in League of Legends

EXP values ​​in matches vary according to the duration of the game. Coop vs. Coop Matches AI also guarantee experience, while custom games are not rewarded. As in the case of EA, EXP can also be obtained through missions, including a daily win that yields 400 points.

EXP Bonuses boost your League of Legends winnings

A good option to boost your League of Legends experience gains are the EXP Bonuses, which can be purchased at the game's store using Riot Points. With these items, you can double the EXP values ​​received at the end of a game, or add an extra fixed bonus.

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