How to have the Android P prints editor on any phone

Android P, the next version of the Google system that is in the testing phase, can win a native image editor. This feature is useful for making quick markups on screen shots and photos before sending to a friend, just like on iOS 11. However, you do not have to wait for the update to access the feature. A developer has been able to extract the novelty, in the form of APK, that can be installed on any cell phone.

In this tutorial, here's how to use the native Android P picture editor on your phone. Because this is an APK file downloaded outside the Google Play Store, you need to take some care. Most important of all is to have an updated backup so you do not lose your data in case something goes wrong.

Learn how to install the native Android P picture editor on your smartphone

How the new location type for Android P works

Step 1. Open the Android security settings and enable the installation of applications from unknown sources. For more details, check out this tip. Remember to disable this option later.

Enable app install from unknown sources

Step 2. Now go to the APK file download page and tap "". Then press "OK" to confirm the download.

Download the APK file

Step 3. The download will start and is about 5.4 MB. When you're done downloading, go to the Android downloads folder and tap on the APK file to open it.

Access your downloads

Step 4. Tap "Install" and finally "Done". The markup tool is now installed and works seamlessly with the screen capture.

Install downloaded APK

Step 5. After you get a print, go to the Android notification center and tap "Share", just below the image. In the list of available apps, look for the "Markup" and choose the application.

Opening image in editing tool

Step 6. The editor will then open. Make the necessary notes and use the green button in the upper right corner of the screen to save the edited photo.

Android P native image editor

Ready! Take advantage of the tips to get access to one of the new features of the new Android P before launching the system.

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