How to have Instagram Insights without being a company or public person

Instagram Insights is the social networking feature that provides metrics for every interaction that happens in accounts. Through it you can find out how many times a post has been viewed by other users, how many times your profile has been visited, what is the total number of tastings received in the last week, how many people the account posts have reached, among others.

The feature is only available for business accounts. But it is not necessary to be, in fact, a famous person or a company, to gain access. The function of making a business account is available to everyone. It is possible, for example, to identify yourself as a "personal blog" and thus have full access to Instagram metrics. Check out the next step to get Instagram Insights.

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Step 1. In your profile, click the gear icon in the upper right corner. On the screen that opens, touch "Switch to business profile";

for the commercial profile "

Step 2. The next screen will show some functions of the Instagram business accounts. Touch "continue" on all of them to continue;

Step 3. Now you can decide whether to connect your Instagram profile to any Facebook page. Just touch "Choose Page" and select the one you want. If you do not want to do this, you can just hit "jump" on the bottom bar of the screen;

Choose to link a Facebook page to your Instagram account

Step 4. Next, choose a category, and a subcategory that describes you the most. There are several options, and this is where you can choose to be a "Personal Blog". Then click "Next" in the upper right corner;

Choose what kind of Instagram business account you will be

Step 5. On the next screen, you will need to select a contact option: it can be email, phone or address. It is only necessary to fill one of them, but feel free to fill them all. Then tap on the "Finish" option;

Add contact information on Instagram

Step 6. Okay, you will have access to Instagram Insights. You can now check your account metrics;

Soon, Instagram Insights released.

Step 7. To see the metrics for the account as a whole, touch the graph icon on your home page in the upper right corner. To see the data for a specific publication in your feed, select "more information." In the case of a Stories, in order to have access to the metrics, it is necessary to open to see who viewed the post, and touch on the graph icon.

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